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“How refreshing and timely. From the texting generation to the baby boomers—the art of etiquette is sadly disappearing. Whether you just need a touch-up or a full immersion, Liz, is the person to teach you the skills to appear confident, elegant and professional in any business situation. Her energetic and engaging style will make this one of the most enjoyable seminars you have ever taken! Liz is awesome!”
—Chuck Bokar, Principal, Design Resource Center

“Liz gives an engaging, entertaining, and valuable presentation on several areas of etiquette. In today’s business market her principles are essential to a great impression and success in business. Liz’s presentation skills are exceptional, and as a Director of Training I feel very confident in recommending her to any type or size of organization.”
—Sarah Walter, Director of Training for The Columns Resource Group

“Absolutely superb! Liz has an amazing knack for presenting her concepts in a thought-provoking and clear style. Her ideas and suggestions would enhance anyone's ability to bridge the gap between business and etiquette. She clearly has a deep understanding of not only the topic, but the thought processes that go into creating better interpersonal relationships out of socially awkward situations. I highly recommend her and her coursework...she will help your business!”
—Brad Guck, District Manager, Administaff

“Liz, Thank you so much for coming to Indianapolis to help us grow our skills as professionals and as people. Your presentation helped us address issues with grace, candor, sensitivity – as well as fun! You were fabulous!”
—Betsy Hamlett, Director of Sales for Kenra, Ltd.

“Liz is an expert! I thought I knew everything there was to know about protocol and manners but quickly discovered there was plenty more for me to learn. I was blown away by what I didn't know. Liz helped me understand why great etiquette has the ability to increase my sales. I highly recommend this course to anyone in business or in social situations.”
—Patty Behm, President, Cornelia Consulting

“Wow! Liz’s seminar was both educational and engaging. I never realized there was so much to business etiquette! Liz did a great job keeping the team engaged and on track. I know my team really benefited from Liz’s session. Several people told me that they adopted some of Liz’s best practices immediately after her seminar. I highly recommend Liz’s workshop for anybody that needs to conduct themselves in a professional manner with other people in their daily routine. You won’t be disappointed!”
—Kurt Thompson, Owner of The Interview Pro

“Liz did an amazing job presenting Etiquette Principles. The questions that were asked were ones we all should know in the professional world. However, the majority of us did not get 100%—including me. Liz is knowledgeable, professional and energetic! We all left feeling energized and equipped to handle any situation more professionally. I would highly recommend this seminar for any large or small company. The value of this course is priceless.”
—Dr. Laura Bokar, President of the Fox Valley Institute, Naperville, IL

“This seminar really exceeded my expectations, and I didn't realize I had so much to learn! If you want to grow your business and stay sharp in today's business environment, hire Etiquette Principles. This will definitely help our company and our people. Thanks Liz!”
—John Norman, Principal, Design Resource Center

“Liz, your presentation to the Minneapolis Women’s Rotary was very informative in the social aspect of the business world. Your suggestions on preparation to network with specific people at an event, meeting them and then following through was particularly helpful to me. The members benefitted from the facts and information you shared to maximize their social business experiences in the most positive ways! It was so nice to meet you!”
—Christine Cici, President, Minneapolis Women's Rotary

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