Answer these questions to test your knowledge of protocol and etiquette.

Thank you cards, close up

1) Your name badge is placed on your...

  • Left side
  • Right side

2) At a networking event, the best place to position yourself is at the...

  • Buffet/food table
  • Table nearest speaker
  • Entrance door

3) When at a networking event, you should introduce the ______ to the ______.

  • Client to Sr. VP
  • Sr. VP to Client

4) You may write on someone's business card.

  • True
  • False

5)   In business, when a man and a woman are introduced:

  • The man should wait for the woman to extend her hand for a handshake
  • Both the man and woman should reach out to shake hands
  • The man should loosely shake the woman's hand

6)   Someone sent you an email when you were in a meeting. How long do you have to return the email before it is considered rude?

  • End of business day
  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours

7)   When seated at the table, the water glass is to your:

  • Right
  • Left

8)   What direction do you pass the bread basket?

  • To the right
  • To the left

9)   When you are finished eating, do you:

  • Place your utensils at a 4:20 position
  • Crisscross your fork over your knife
  • Place your napkin on top of your plate

10)   At a networking event, when a new person joins your table, you should:

  • Hand them your business card and say hello
  • Nod hello and welcome them to the table
  • Stand and shake their hand

11)   What hand do you hold your beverage in at a networking event?

  • Right
  • Left

12)   At a business lunch, when can you begin talking business?

  • After everyone at the table has placed their order
  • After you have finished the entrée
  • After a few minutes of small talk when everyone is seated

13) After a client meeting, what is the proper thing to do?

  • Send a handwritten thank you note to your client
  • Call your client the next day to thank them for their time
  • Do nothing and wait until you hear from them so you don't come across as pushy.

14) When is it okay to put someone on speakerphone?

  • When you are sure no one is listening
  • After you have asked permission from the person on the other line
  • When you are prospecting for business and you have to look things up online

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“How refreshing and timely. From the texting generation to the baby boomers—the art of etiquette is sadly disappearing. Whether you just need a touch-up or a full immersion, Liz, is the person to teach you the skills to appear confident, elegant and professional in any business situation. Her energetic and engaging style will make this one of the most enjoyable seminars you have ever taken! Liz is awesome!”

—Chuck Bokar, Principal, Design Resource Center

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—Brad Guck, District Manager, Administaff

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