Top Etiquette Tips

Fourteen Everyday Etiquette Tips

Posted by Liz Taylor Apr 29, 2016

1.)    Avoid political discussions. It’s not worth losing a friend or client over. Also, please note that Facebook is the wrong platform to post your political views.   

2.)    Don’t ignore others. If you aren’t going to buy from someone in a business situation, tell them “no” so the other person can kindly move on.

3.)    RSVP’ing. Respond as soon as you can out of respect for the people hosting an event.

4.)    Invitations. If an invitation reads, “Ms. Liz Taylor”, this does not mean that I can bring my kids too.

5.)    Text Messaging. If you are in a conversation with someone and the person starts text messaging another person, it’s a blatant interruption and makes the person feel like what they have to say is not important.

6.)    Interviewing. Be on time, have a firm handshake, look the other person in the eye and smile. Mirror the person interviewing you as best you can and remember to have confidence.

7.)    Social Media. What you post on facebook or any social media outlet will be on the internet forever. Next time you are getting your picture taken and don’t want to see it on the internet for everyone to see, make sure you tell your friend that you prefer it not be posted on facebook.

8.)    At the office. Avoid smelly food, gossip, body odor and loud chatter.

9.)    Houseguests. Bring a gift with you such as chocolates, flowers or a nice bottle of wine. Don’t overstay your welcome and clean up after yourself.

10.) Professional Image. If it’s too low cut, short or tight, leave it in your closet.

11.) Thank you. Writing a handwritten thank you letter is by far the best way to go.

12.) Dogs. Remember that not everyone is going to love your dog. Keep your dog off the neighbor’s lawn or garden and carry plastic bags at all times in case your dog has an accident.

13.) Commitments. If you say you are going to show up to a party, show up when you say you will and stick to your commitments.

14.) Emailing. Emoticons do not belong in a business email. 

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“How refreshing and timely. From the texting generation to the baby boomers—the art of etiquette is sadly disappearing. Whether you just need a touch-up or a full immersion, Liz, is the person to teach you the skills to appear confident, elegant and professional in any business situation. Her energetic and engaging style will make this one of the most enjoyable seminars you have ever taken! Liz is awesome!”

—Chuck Bokar, Principal, Design Resource Center

“Absolutely superb! Liz has an amazing knack for presenting her concepts in a thought-provoking and clear style. Her ideas and suggestions would enhance anyone's ability to bridge the gap between business and etiquette. She clearly has a deep understanding of not only the topic, but the thought processes that go into creating better interpersonal relationships out of socially awkward situations. I highly recommend her and her coursework...she will help your business!”

—Brad Guck, District Manager, Administaff

“Liz, Thank you so much for coming to Indianapolis to help us grow our skills as professionals and as people. Your presentation helped us address issues with grace, candor, sensitivity – as well as fun! You were fabulous!”

—Betsy Hamlett, Director of Sales for Kenra, Ltd.

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